Can u please write a essay about My Favourite author / poet ....
1. Birth details of that poet / author ....
2.Famous books & poems ...
3.Awards / Rewards ...
4 . Favourite book or poem you like & why ???
5 . 250 - 300 words should be there ...

yes but it should be about 250 - 300 words
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My Favourite Hero Is - R.K Narayan 

He was born on october 10,1906 and died on May 13,2001 his full name was rasipuram krishnaswami Iyer naryanaswami is one of the top three figures of indian literature in english .His Famous books are A Hero,Swami and Friends,The Bachelor of Arts ,the English Teacher,The Fiancial Expert . He has got many awaards including Sahitya academy award winner The Guide which was adapted in hindi and english and for a musical on broadway ,Padma bhushan ,Padma Vibushan.he was guided by his friend,well known author Graham especially in his first four books I like the author becuse he has written many childrens storybooks which are very funny and interesting to read
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