Urgent!! Need fictional superhero story, with a character name NIRMAL (in easy or novel format) less than 1000 words, post your imagination; those who, will get good rewarded plus my friendzip ....

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Sevagram was a fertile village surrounded by mountain that added beauty to it. Nirmal was a small boy who lived in that village . He was the leader and as well as a super hero there and many parents came to him with the problems of their children. Nirmal solved all the problems efficiently to their satisfaction. Nirmal was told that a giant living in the mountain and that the children feared to go there because of that. Our super hero - Nirmal decided to drive our giant from the mountain . With this in mind Nirmal went straight to the mountain. Many animals were waiting in that dense forest for Nirmal's help. There Nirmal happened to see a fledging of an eagle on the ground. He picked it up and put it into his pocket. In a short while there came the giant with a boom and asked Nirmal who he was. To this super hero Nirmal said - " I am the strongest person in the whole country . So you had better leave this and go to another country".The giant then picked up a stone and threw it into the sky . The stone went up to a certain height and fell to the ground. Niw he told Nirmal - " You have to throw higher than me otherwise I will kill you". Unfazed , Nirmal at once took out tge fledging of eagle and threw it into the sky. The fledging flew away. But the giant mistook it for a stone. He then conceded his defeat and told Nirmal " You are stronger than me " and left the mountain. When the superhero - Nirmal returned victoriously to his place everyone appreciated him !
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