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Bald Eagle
Golden Eagle(Found in India)
Harpy Eagle
Crested Serpent Eagle(Found in India)
Madagascar Serpent Eagle
Booted Eagle(Found in India)
African Fish Eagle
Pallas's Fish Eagle(Found in India)
Crested Eagle
Long-Crested Eagle
Black Eagle(Found in India)
Steller's Sea Eagle
Philippine Eagle
Greater Spotted Eagle(Found in India)
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Steppe Eagle
Tawny Eagle (Found in India)
Black-chested Buzzard Eagle
Crowned Solitary Eagle
Papuan Eagle

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There are 60 different species of eagle in the world
in india => Indian Eagle; 
           =>Crested Serpent Eagle;
           => Osprey [sea hawk or Indian fish eagl]; 
=>The Bonelli's in Asia, Africa 
=>The Booted eagle in Europe, Asia, Africa
=>Cassin's Hawk eagle [Aquila africana] in Africa
=>Golden Eagle in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Hawaii
=>Greater Spotted Eagle in Europe, Asia
=> Imperial Eagle [ Eastern Imperial Eagle] in Asia, Africa
=>Steppe Eagle in Asia, Africa
=>Tawny Eagle in Asia, Africa
=>Verreaux's Eagle in southern and eastern Africa; near by western Asia
=>Short-toed Snake-Eagle in Europe, Asia, Africa
=>white bellied sea eagle in Asia, Australia
White-tailed eagle in Europe, Asia
=> Black Eagle in tropical Asia
Rufous-bellied Eagle in tropical Asia
=>The dark morph Changeable Hawk-Eagle  in Asia