Can u please write a essay about My Favourite poet " Robert Frost "
About his ...........
1. Birth details of that poet ......
2.Famous books & poems ...
3.Awards / Rewards ...
4 . Favourite book or poem you like & why ???Any poem or novel and why u like this novel / poem??????????????
5 . 250 - 500 words should be there ...



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Robert Lee Frost was born on 26th March,1874.He was born in San Francisco, California, US.He was an American poet. Some of his famous poetry collections are ' A Boy's Will','New Hampshire','West-Running Brook','The Silken Tent',etc. Some of his famous prose books are 'The Letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer',' The Notebooks of Robert Frost',etc. Some of his famous plays are 'A Way Out: A One Act Play','A Masque of Reason','A Masque of Mercy',etc.Frost won many Pulitzer Prizes- for New Hampshire (1924), for Collected Poems (1931), for A Further Range (1937) and for A Witness Tree (1943).

When someone asks me about my favorite poem or book of Robert Lee Frost, only one poem crosses my mind -'Walking by the Woods On a Snowy Evening.'
When it comes to this poem, the scenes it embeds in my mind is breath-taking.The scenery of walking through the woods covered in the sheet of white fluffy snow gives me warmth within by its coldness.The warmth caused is not only because of the amazing visionary but also due to the inner meaning.This poem has two meanings.One is visionary and the other is metaphorical.The metaphorical meaning goes deep down within me, teaching me the value of life and giving me lessons and warning to carry on with the way my life is.Everyone has problems in their life but instead of indulging themselves in a serious self-pity session, they should carry on with their life , deal with it and not run away.

This is why I like Robert Frost and also this beautiful poem.

Hope i helped u:)
(Ok, now that was deep...;))
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