(a) Lactobacillus causes setting of curd.
(b) Rhizobium helps in nitrogen fixation in soil.
(c) Yeast helps in making fluffy bread and cake.
(d) Some bacteria facilitate retting of jute.
(e) Some bacteria facilitate tanning of leather.
(f) Blue green algae carry out nitrogen fixation.
(g) Penicillium; a fungi; is used to produce antibiotics.
(h) Many microbes carry out decomposition of dead remains of plants and animals.
(i) Yeast causes fermentation which is utilised to produce alcohol.
(j) Processing and ageing of cheese is carried out by microorganisms

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1.Micro organisms are helpful in making food stuffs.Example-yeast.
2.They are used in industries as a source of useful enzymes like lipases and proteases.
3.They are used in producing vaccines
4.They are used in cosmetics and oinments.
5.Rhizobium, a bacteria is useful in nitrogen fixation.
6.They are also helpful in producing vitamin B12
7.they produce amino acids used as a preservative.
8.Lactobacillus ,a bacteria helps in conversion of milk into curd.
9.They are used to flavour cheese.
10.They keep the soil fertile.
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micro organisms are very usefull in our daily life. e-coli bacteria is a bacteris is useful in digestion which is present in stomach.lactobacillus or lactic acid is useful in turning of milk to curd.some bacteria and fungi help in fertiling of soil. bacteria like rhizobium fix the nitrogen in soil. in this way micro organisms helpful in our dialy life