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Get your lab equipments ready
lay the frog with its stomach facing you
make an incision across its throat
Make another incision between its hind legs
make a vertical incision connecting the other two incisions
fold back the skin and clip it
this is a cruel thing to do though.......

1. Get your tools ready Lay the frog belly-up on you.
2. Take time to examine the body, note anatomy, etc.Make your first incision horizontally across the throat.
3.You should slice gently through the top layer of skin, but not into the organs below.
4.Make an incision horizontally between the two hind legs. Again, be careful.
5.Connect the two horizontal incisions with a vertical incision down the belly.
6.Fold back the skin to reveal the abdominal cavity.
7.Use your tweezers to remove the organs, using the scissors to clip them free when necessary.