From (address)

31 March 2015


Hope this letter of mine finds you in the best of your spirits. I am also fine here. Since, you are studying abroad and can hardly come and meet me here, I miss you very much. Well, you must be missing the tastes and recipes of India. Aren't you? I bet you will be certainly missing it. So, today, I am going to tell you  about the fantastic food fair held recently in our home town. Heavens!!! It was really nice and I can strongly say that I have never attended such an interesting event before. We also came to know a variety of lost recipes across the whole country which were ate earlier. And now I must say that the decorative ideas were much more creative and beautiful than of today. And we were also served some of them! Oh god! What a delicious and mouth-watering food was it! And there were many more interesting thing that we did there. You should have came there. Well, now I must end by saying again that I miss you! Convey my regards to your family.