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Celsius (or Centigrade ℃), is the temperature scale used in the S.I. system and is the most common scale in use.
Kelvin [K] is the scale used in Scientific work and Calculations.
and the 1℃ = 273.15 K ≈ 273 K
so if u want to convert celsius to kelvine add 273
for kelvin to celsius minus 273 from celsius.
for 293 K = 293 - 273 = 19.85 ℃

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 Unlike Fahrenheit degrees, Celsius and Kelvin degrees are the same size, but at a different place on the temperature scale. Kelvin is 273 degress lower than Celsius. There are no negative degrees in the Kelvin scale. Zero degrees Kelvin is called absolute zero. Because the degrees are the same size, the conversion is very simple. 

K = degrees C + 273 
C = degrees K - 273