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Hello i m Anandita from Bhubaneshwar. I m sitting in front of our local MLA.

Me: Hello sir how r u and how is ur party feeling? After all ur party has won the election. 

MLA:  I m gud and how about u? We r quite happy after our party has won the election.

Me: Do u hv any message to give to the ppl who voted for u.

MLA:   I will serve ppl by construction of skools and colleges, girl child education, removal of slums and beggars and making dem responsible members of the society.I m thankful to those ppl who helped. 
nice interview :)
did u really me MLA?
no its imaginary
Me: hello my name is pooja and I feel happy because you won the elections 

Local MLA: Thanks a lot because i did not have the hope to win this elections.

Me: Sir you have won the elections with a maximum number of votes . 

Local MLA:  Ya ,thats true .

Me: What would you like to say to the people?  

Local MLA: I would like  to thank all the people who have voted me in the elections. 
 Me: So what change are you going to bring . 

Local MLA : I would bring a lot of changes and also I will make a rule to keep the roads clean and making India a better place 

Me : Ok thanks a lot for being with us and talking for a while. 

Local MLA : Its My Pleasure .