1] a bucket contains 4 fishes if one fish died how many fishes will be there in bucket? give reason for ur answer
2] a man is inside a room but there is no door and no window how does he enter and exist/
3] 3 houses namely RED WHITE BLUE in this red is right side of white and blue is left of white then say where is white house?
4] 2 women and 2 doctors went to icecream parlour they ordered each 1 icecream as 1 vannila 1 strawberry and 1 choco and they got 3 icecreams but everyone got icecream then what about the 4th person?
5] |_| how will u change this pic as up side down by just moving 1 stick? give reason

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1) when the fish dies also there will be 4 fishes in the bucket but one dead because the dead fish cannot walk ..
3) white house is in the middle
4) there is no 4th person
5) by moving the down stick to up

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but in third q the ans is white house is in washington
second ans is he moved through the doorway
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1) 4 fishes will be in the bucket.Even if the fish dies it will still remain in the bucket.
2) By lift.or it may be that there is no ceiling in the room.
3) white house is located in united states of America.
4)The doctor is a woman too.so there is no such forth person.
5)move the down stick to top.
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