The moderates were the people who were non-violent and who opposed violence.They proposed to struggle against the British in a non-violent manner. Manny great leaders like mahatma gandhi,dadabhai naoroji, and many more.they struggle very hard to make india free from britishers.

Some of the reasons for dissatisfaction with British rule in the 1870s and 1880s are as follows:The Arms Act was passed in 1878. This Act disallowed Indians from possessing arms.The Vernacular Press Act was passed in 1878. This Act empowered the government to confiscate the assets of newspapers including their printing presses, if the newspaper published anything “objectionable”.The government tried to introduce the Ilbert Bill in 1883. The bill made provisions for trial of British or European persons by Indians. Thus, the Ilbert Bill sought equality between British and Indian judges in the country. But the whites opposed the Bill and forced the government to withdraw it.