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Pollutants which may pollute air, water and human beings like smoke from automobiles, industries, smog, impure contaminated water from industries mixing in local water bodies, even energy released during explosions ....
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this may help you1. Styrofoam
2. Plastic food containers with bisphenol-A (BPA)
3. Tropical hardwoods
4. Aluminum in cosmetics
5. Incandescent bulbs
6. Petroleum-based fabric sheets and laundry detergent
7. Overpackaged goods
8. Paper towels and napkins
9. Plastic utensils
10. Disposable batteries
11. Commercial insecticides
12. Household cleaners
Plastics, burning waste materials in environment, burning of fossil fuels, the exhaust gases released by vehiles, diseases spread by stray dogs, and due to deforestation many pollutant particles are released,....etc are the main particles that pollute our environment.
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