Good morning teachers and friends.i am very proud to be the school head boy for almost 5 years.
i had a very good experience being a head boy.being a head boy isn't tough but has to have  these qualities: organisation and discipline. these may not be our natural traits but when such a post is been given to you,yo will absolutely achieve those traits. it's natural we all make mistakes but this post has thought me to realize and rectify my mistakes.i have never thought i would be the head boy but i was the one.
to be true,i have learnt everything only from the mistakes that i did and now i am proud that i can rectify the mistakes of others and control them and bring to the correct path.
i conclude by saying that "the school has believed me so much and given me this post and i am thankful to them for all they have done.
thank you

speech for sports captain.
honourable teachers,friends and dear students i welcome everyone.
i am very happy to give a speech to my beloved ones.i have been the sports captain of my school for 2 years. i have learnt so much in the span of these two years and also have thought so much to my friends.
being a captain,i am very proud and you all can also become the captain only if you have the true spirit and sportsmanship.the only thing u need to have is to be lke urself but have to adjust to ur surroundings.