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Radius of jupiter = 11 × radius of earth

R_j=11R_e\\ \\ \frac{R_j}{R_e}=11

 V_j:V_e=\frac{V_j}{V_e}= \frac{4/3 \times  \pi \times R_j^3}{4/3 \times  \pi \times R_e^3} = \frac{R_j^3}{R_e^3}=( \frac{R_j}{R_e} )^3 = \frac{11^3}{1}=\boxed{1331:1}

Ratio of volume of Jupiter and Earth is 1331:1.
So Jupiter can accommodate 1331 Earths.
iam sorry your answer is wrong answer
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If we divide volume of the jupitor is divided by volume of earth then we get 1321 is the answer