NCERT VIII - Sciences

Your parents are going to buy a house. They have been offered one on the roadside and another three lanes away from the roadside. Which house would you suggest your parents should buy? Explain your answer.

wt ur parents want if they want silence than they should buy three lane otherwise the roadside house is best



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Residing in the house immediately on the roadside is likely to be more difficult after some months or years.  Finding the address is easier.  The accessibility to the shops, bus or other transport will be easier.  However, there are difficulties.

Noise and Sound pollution during the day and night will be more.  Dust will be more.  Traffic is much more. So it is dangerous for the children.  The main Door / gate has to be kept closed always.  For children to do studies, it is more difficult.  There are perhaps less danger from thefts.  It is difficult to park vehicles on the roadside/main road.

For a house three lanes insides the main road, it is less accessible.  But one has more fresh and clear air.  There may be some difficulties in maintenance of the roads/lanes.  But sound pollution is less.  So for children there is less disturbance for studies.  It is calmer for sleeping in the nights.  It is easier to make friends with neighbours.  The children are safer while walking on the road or play near the gate or compound.   It is alright for parking vehicles just outside the gate, unless it is too narrow.    It will be good to do some walking along the lanes during the evenings or mornings.

If the parents are building a big house and are giving some part of it for rent to some shops, then the roadside location is better.  If it is for residence and there are children, then the house three lanes away is better.

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