.Read the text and comment on it.(understanding and interpretation)World land forms originated from two giants lands namely Angara land and Gondwana land. The Indian peninsula was part of Gondwana land. Over 200 millions years ago Gondwana land split into pieces and the peninsular Indian plate moved towards North-East and collided the much larger Eurasian plate (Angara Land).Owing to the collision and immense compression Force,Mountains evolved through a folding process over millions of years .The present form of the Himalayas is a result of this process.



This concept can simply called BREAKUP of Pangae.

At about 200million years ago , Pangae isn't quite Pan-Gae as Southeast Asia and China ,as well as portions of iran and tibet, have not quite attached.

Just as pieces of China are begining to attach,Laurasia (north America +Eurasia) breaks away.It is tempting to wonder if the two events might be connected.
Around 130-100 million years ago, Gondwana land break apart.At about 80 million years North America and Eurasia Splitted apart.
Then Greenland with Europe was attached to North american Plate
the last major breakup happened 50 million years later Australia Breaked up frm Antartica

And in these Transformations great Mountains,Hills and River were formed .,.,(i.e Himalaya,Nile and many more)
THese can be the following comments on it
According to alfred wegener a german scientist proposed that over 220 million years ago pangea is drifted into large jigsaw puzzle where present continents are drifted .these are divided by long shallow inland sea called tethys. it divided the pangea into angara or laurasia and gondwana land. present peninsular india plateau is the part of the gondwana land . as the indian peninsular plateau is move to north west direction and crash the eurasian plateau and thus himalayas are arised which are called folded mountains