Convert the following into passive voice:

1) My grandfather does not eat bananas
2) Do not play with fire
3) Mr. Khan is known to me

4) Give the servants orders

5) The class elected Mrinal

6) Don’t interfere in the affairs of others
7)Why did she slap the child on his face?

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Bananas are not eaten by my grandfather 
fire is not to be played with 
I know mr.khan - the given sentence is already in passive
orders must be given to the servants
mrinal was elected by the class
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1. bananas are not ate by my grandfather. is harmful you should not play with it
3. i know mr.khan
4. orders were to be given to the servants.
5.mrinal was elected by the class.
6.others affairs should not be interfered.
7.the child was slapped on his face.

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