Asexual Reproduction :  Asexual reproduction takes place in lower level organisms [unicellular] . In asexual reproduction there will be no presence of male and female gametes.The 2 different types of asexual reproduction are i) Binary fission ii) Budding

Binary fission : During binary fission the mother cell would be divided into exact 2 daughter cells .
Budding : During budding a small part of the mother cell would bulge and then gets divided from the mother cell and grows into a new individual .


asexual reproduction is the process  by which the organisms reproduce without the fusion of two gametes .

the types are

budding, fragmentation , re generation , spore formation..


in this process the organisms reproduce by splitting into several pieces. each of the splitted piece regenerates into a new organism.

eg : star fish


in this process a new organism from the body of the mother, eventually grows and splits to form a new organism

eq; hydra

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