Can u please write a essay about My Favourite poet " William Wordsworth "
About his ...........
1. Birth details of that poet ......
2.Famous books & poems ...
3.Awards / Rewards ...
4 . Favourite book or poem you like & why ???Any poem or novel and why u like this novel / poem??????????????
5 . 250 - 300 words should be there ...




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Birth details:

       William Wordsworth's father was John Wordsworth and mother was Ann Cookson.  He was born on 7th of April in 1770 in their family house in the vollage Ccokermouth, Cumber land.  It is a beautiful region in NorthWestern England.  His younger sister Dorothy Wordsworth  was also a poet.  He lived  close to her most of their lives.
Famous books and poems:

       He published in 1793 his first collections of poems, "an Evening Walk and Descriptive sketches."   He pursued his career as a poet starting with that.   He wrote "Lyrical Ballads" in 1798.  This is considered as an important contribution in the English Romantic movement.  He published his famous poems "Tintern Abbey" in 1798 or 1799.   His style was considered as the new type of verse, different from 18th century verses and the real language of (contemporary) men.    His work was considered as as an important romantic literature.  
      He wrote only one play during 1795-97 called "The Borderers", which is a verse tragedy.  He revised it before it was printed in 1842.    His wrote his famous "The Lucy poems " in 1799.   He also wrote "The Prelude" - his autobiography - in poems.    Many of his poems had the themes of death, endurance, separation and sadness.
      He published poems "Ode: intimations of immortality from Recollections of Early childhood"  in 1807.   He wrote a three part work called "The Recluse", of which "the Excursion" is the second part.
His works  as a list:

     "Lyrical Ballads" collection  with other poems:   Simon Lee, We are Seven, The Tables turned, Line Written in Early spring.
     "Lyrical Ballads" published in 1800, along with other poems:   Strange fits of passion Have I known,  She Dwelt among the Untrodden ways,  A Slumber Did my spirit Seal,  Lucy Gray, The two April Mornings, The ruined cottage, The kitten at play.
      Poems collections in 1807:   Resolution and Independence, I wandered lonely as a cloud, My heart leaps up, Ode to Duty, The solitary Reaper, London 1802, The world is too much with us.
      Guide to the lakes,         The Excursion.  The Prelude,  Laodamia.

Awards , Honors:
        He received an honorary doctorate in Civil law from University of Durham in 1838.   He was also awarded the same degree in 1839 by University of Oxford.  He was awarded a Civil list pension by the government.   He became the honorable "Poet Laureate" in 1843. 
Poem :  My Heart Leaps up  --- or   "The Rainbow" .  written in a simple way, and in simple language.  He expresses his joy when he sees a rainbow.  He penned those feelings and that  experience of seeing the rainbow during his childhood.   He enjoyed nature as he lived close to the nature.  He wrote the poem using simple structure enabling many to read and understand easily.
      The poem is a short one. 
             My heart leaps up when  I behold
             A Rainbow in the sky.
             So was it when my life began.  
             So it is now I am a man.
             So be it when I shall grow old.    Or,  let m die!

             The Child is the father of the Man.
              And I could wish days to be
             Bound  each to each by natural Piety.

  I like it because I felt similarly.   I like the description too.  I like the sentence "The child is the father of the Man".  It is true.   The poem is simple and makes one think of a good romantic sweet natural wonder such as the rainbow.  The poem also shows his nice style.

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