Given below are some examples of wave motion. State in each case, if the wave motion is transverse, longitudinal or a combination of both, and also give reasons.
(a) Motion of a kink, in a long coil spring produced by displacing one end of he string sideways.
(b) Wave produced in a cylinder consisting a liquid, by moving its piston back and forth.
(c) Waves produced by a motor-boat, sailing in water.
(d) Ultrasonic waves in air, produced by a vibrating quartz crystal.




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D) Ultra sonic waves - transverse waves.

c) motor boat produced waves on water surface - transverse waves. water molecules oscillate up and down.

b) the waves will be combination of both transverse and longitudinal waves.

a) combination of transverse and longitudinal.
        the kink will oscillate sideways and the spring will also compress and decompress too.

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