1. One tree make a million matches. One match can destroy a million trees.
2.Hug a tree, they have less issues than people.
3.Lend a hand to save trees.
4.Lets go green to get our globe clean.
5.Save the environment and you will safe the life and future.
6.There is no life without green.
7.A tree that stay, keep flood away.
8.Trees are the root of all livings.
9.Take care of the trees, they will take care  of you.
10.Trees on, Carbon Dioxide gone.
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Save trees and save your life
we born for to save trees not to destry
you can't change the past but you can change the future plz save the trees
save a tree, it does not charge a fee
 don't make trees rare, but we have take care
save trees,save earth
one tree can make millions of matches, but one match will destroy millions of trees

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