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1.251033405 is the answer
no that's absurd every one has done logarithm
obviously they will not provide the table in exam
so do u hav any other way out???
no this u have to solve like this as we've done
i have done check it
without calculator
take log
log_{10} 6^{ \frac{1}{8} }= \frac{log_{10} 6}{8}= \frac{0.7781}{8}= 0.0973
 \sqrt[8]{6}= 10^{0.0973}=1.2510334048590738236780437177798
ANOTHER METHOD(Trial and error)
so ur answer must lie between 1 and 2
and it must be close
 1.5^{8}=\frac{3^{8}}{2^{8}}= \frac{6561}{256}=25.63
then go for
1.1^{8}= \frac{11^{8}}{10^8}=2.14*10^{-8}
very less
then go for 1.2
1.2^8= \frac{6^8}{5^8}=  \frac{1679616}{390625}=4.2
little less
so it is between 1.2 to 1.3
1.25 mean
2 5 2