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Yes , of couse I agree with the statement that planting more trees can reduce pollution . Today in this beautiful earth pollution is increasing day by day due to vehicles which emit CO and also the industries too. Pollution can be only reduced by trees . So we should plant more trees because trees can give fresh air . Every one should and must plant atleat one tree because one tree can save one life also . Pollution is the major problem in this world.Pollution means-born defects in natural balance . Several types of contamination happens are the major pollution like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.Air pollution Spreads over pollution in the metropolis. There round the clock yesterday-factories, motor-vehicles of smoke black smoke spread in such a way that is healthy air breathe dubhar. Mumbai women washed the clothing is unloading from the black-black particles is frozen. These particles move in human lung with breath and give birth to incurable diseases .The problem is there are more where dense populations, lack of trees and the atmosphere is tight. Now its our duty to save our earth !
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                                          More trees less pollution                           

Today there are many problems in the world. The main problem is "Pollution". It is increasing day by day.Pollution can be divided into 
1)Water pollution
2)Air Pollution
3)Noise Pollution
4)Soil Pollution

Pollution is the contaminant in our natural environment.Because of pollution the natural things like air , water , soil becomes unfit for us .Its create many health problems. Hence it is great problem for us. Now the question rises is how can we remove this pollution from our environment ? The answer is trees. Trees is a great source to eliminate these pollution.Trees are very important for our lives. They play a very important role in the existence of our life.The important thing that trees gives us is oxygen. They give us oxygen and take carbon dioxide in exchange and as carbon dioxide is a harmful gas they reduce air pollution.
                                                Trees also play a crucial role in eliminating water pollution.They act as a sponge in purifying/ filtering water.They also bring rain.
                                    Trees also reduce noise pollution .As they are capable of absorbing sound reduces noise pollution.At last tree keep holding the soil with the help of their roots and help to prevent soil erosion.Hence trees a great source for the removal of these pollution. So we can say that more trees less pollution.

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