To make tulip first we have to take a paper and fold it into two then we have to fold it it like a bird then we have to make a cut at the front side then we have to take another paper and fix in it this will make the petals then for making the leaves take another paper and fold it in spiral shape and stick it to the tulip. that's allĀ !!!
1. Use an 8 inch by 11 inch piece of paper.
2. Fold the corner to the edge of the paper and cut to make a square
.3. Fold the opposite direction to have a cross running through the center of the paper
.4. Fold paper in half along both axis', pinch the corners and fold the ends together
.5. Fold the new shape like a kite repeating process on both sides.
6. Fold corners in on all sides of the paper.
7. Take the top edges and fold in half.
8. Grab the middle flaps and fold to the inside. repeat on all sides.
9. Open and pull out center flap and fold in the corners.
10. Using a marker "curl" the top edges down to create petals.
11. Open up the flower and the shape of your flower forms.
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