To write good essays in english you have keep the following points in mind :-
1. Main / topic idea sentence should be clear, correctly placed and is restated in the closing sentence.
2. Paragraphs should have three or more supporting detail sentences that relate back to the main idea.
3. Paragraphs should have no errors in punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
                And also try POWER writing i.e.
P   Plan   (Plan what you have to write and the main points)
O   Organize (Organize the stuff i.e. what will come first and what will come later.)
W   Write   (Write the matter)
E    Edit     (Edit it.)
R    Rewrite (Rewrite it.)

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Choose a topic where u can get a lot of information .
first make a rough draft of the entire essay
write an introduction with catchy sentences
break your essay into a lot of paragraphs with suitable headings 
conclude your essay in a catchy way
use quotes and anecdotes