Being Literate is very important in India. Many people don't get jobs and not enough money to feed their family due to Illiteracy. Poverty is also said to be closely related to the levels of schooling and these two have a circular relationship. This is the main reason 
As it is rightly said that "Today's children are tomorrows citizens". if today the children won't get the education and  they will be forced to 'child labour'  which is the big crime ,which kills the small children from their heart  even the children cant fulfill their dreams,and needs. so if today they wont get education then what they will do in future, in our country INDIA  which  is in one of the poor country this because in our country there is no proper education, It  is the duty of  government to see the whether the peasants of the country are getting proper education,food etc... are they happy etcc... and it is our duty tooo . because now-a-days government is giving free education to the the poor people so we need to educate the people who are not educated ,we have to explain them the importance of education. so by this may our INDIA  will be the one among the best country, "help the needy ,by stopping the greedy"
" child labour is crime"    " one pen,one book,one teacher can change the world" .
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