NCERT VI Social Sciences

Answer in brief :

(a) Name the components of the environment.
(b) For which purposes is water used on a large scale?
(c) How does the water in a reservoir get contaminated?
(d) How does air get polluted?
(e) Explain the effects of a polluted environment.
(f) How was garbage of a village or town disposed of in the past?



(a)      atmosphere,hydrosphere,lithosphere and biosphere
(b)       in the agriculture field
(c)       toxic algae contaminates the water in the reservoir
(d)      air pollutes with the unwanted air from factories and with carbondioxide and carbonmonoxide
(e)      greenhouse effect,acid rains,particulate contaminates,increase UV radiation
(f)        the garbage of the village is disposed in the near by lakes or ponds in the past