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It keeps us healthy. As you may know, some people do not recycle. My belief is that those people may be considered as a threat to our health. If you throw things into the garbage, it goes to a landfill. These landfills attract rats, wich bring sickness to us. That means we must spend money on healthcare.Recycling should be mandatory. When it comes right down to it,recycling should be considered mandatory.Humankind is making more and more trash and this will not change until people realize they need to recycling.One way to achieve this is to make recycling mandatory in most circumstance and potential fines will be imposed for non compliance.It saves the earth Can you imagine the world with out recycling? It would be a mess! The air would be polluted so we can't breathe and the environment around us would change in ways of not seeing pretty plants or trees wherever you go. It would be a nightmare!!! Please save the earth and recycle every chance you get!!
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