I entered how the petrol forms in the document please check

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Petroleum formation occurs by various hydrocarbons combining with certain minerals such as sulphur under extreme pressure.When small sea plants and animals die they will sink, they will then lie on the sea bed where they will decompose and mix with sand and silt. During the decomposition process tiny bacteria will clean the remains of certain chemicals such as phosphorus, nitrogen and oxygen.This leaves the remains consisting of mainly carbon and hydrogen. At the bottom of the ocean there is insufficient oxygen for the corpse to decompose entirely. What we are left with is the raw materials for the formation of petroleum.
The partially decomposed remains will form a large, gelatinous mass, which will then slowly become covered by multiple layers of sand, silt and mud. This burying process takes millions of years, with layers piling up one atop another. As the depth of the sediment build up increases the weight of the sand and silt pressing down on the mass will compress it into a layer which is much thinner than the original. Finally, when the depth of the buried decomposing layer reaches somewhere around 10,000 feet the natural heat of the earth and the intense pressure will combine to act upon the mass. The end result, over time, is the formation of petroleum.
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