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the brook is the poem which is written by Alfred Lord Tenyson  . poet described the brook ( river ) which flows through hills , ridges , reaches Phillip's farm , villages and towns . poet described the journey which originates from the place water bird . it crossed hurdles that leaved to be crossed , it crosses along flowers which is strew over it and support the fish which live in the brook  , poet described that has parallel which is drawn  between human life .  it turns music to an autobiographical poem . 
       it infuses life . the brook's journey   is energetic .  its movement is are winding  and full of noise and somewhere its journey is quiet , brook goes on forever it is not like a human  .
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The brook refers to" a river ". " The Brook " Has written by Alfred Lord Tennyson.The water in the brook sparkle when it flows from its place of birth. The brook makes a lot of noise when it flows down- it seems like quarrelling. The brook crosses thirty hills and half a hundred bridges during its journey. The brook finally meets its river by Philips farm. The brook talks when it flows over stony ways. The murmuring sound over this path is similar to its chatting. The brook strikes angrily against the soil. The water becomes restless when it flows round a curve. The different things which float in the brook are blossoms, lusty trouts, grayling fishes and foamy flakes. The brook is slipping by some obstruction in its flow.This obstruction may be a wild growth , a tree, a stony path or a sandy bank. The poem has a regular rhyme scheme.