1) A liquid is initially moving through a cylindrical pipe at a speed of 2.1 m/s with a pressure of 310KPa. the hose then goes up a step 35 cm high. after going up the step the pressure hose is 238kpa. what is the speed of the liquid?2) A gas with a constant pressure of 150 kpa expands from a volume of 0.76 m^3 to a volume of 0.92 m^3a) Does the tempreture increase or decrease? by what factor?b) Assume there are .95 mols of gas. if the final tempreture is 290 K what is the internal energy of the ball?Please explain step by step! Thanks!

wat u want its not clear to me
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1) use bernoulli theorem
 u will get the speed
and i need the density of liquid
yes as volume increases
temperature also increases
volume is directly proportional to temperature

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