forests provide with a host of valuable products. some of the major products are timber , softwood, hardwood which yield cosmetics , furniture , match boxes etc.,

some of the minor products are rubber , resin , gum , lac. khatta is obtained from khair trees. khus is a type of grass which is used for making ropes and mats

forests absorb carbon di oxide and provides oxygen.

they provide a natural habitat for wild life

they bring rain

they provide the soil with necessary humus content

they prevent the soil erosion by binding the soil with tree roots

they check floods by holding rain water in the sub soil

they increase the moisture content in the air through transpiration

the animals such as tiger , Asiatic lion , one horned rhinocerous , snow leopard , indian bison , deer ,  antelopes, monkeys , snakes, crocodiles , gharials are becoming extinct. india is a home to more than a thousand species of animals and birds.. therefore it is the duty of every citizen to conserve wild life and save these precious animals from extinction.

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1 to save the animals 2 maintain ecological balance 3 preserve economically important plants and animals 4 conserve the endangered species 5 promote afforestatio