Market at fire

it was a busy marketplace and as ususal there was a lot of cheos.
then suddenly someone shouted' FIRE'  .
the fire started from a small dhaba or restaurant.
everybody was running to save their life.
the whole market place was burning down to ashes.
it was a terrible  scene as the people were crying as to loss of their loved ones , people were dying and god didn't seem to notice their tears.
a lively evening with a cool blue sky was turned into a ghastly fire red place .
the fire brigade and the ambulances had arrived.
somebody had phoned the authorities
suddenly there was a ray of hope as the officials stopped the fire and started saving peoples life.
this tragedy was responsible for a huge loss of money, property and most important, ''LIFE''.
the busy marketplace was now turned into ashes which would never be the same again..

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I ran to the market where the fire was raging. I found all the juggins on fire. The women, children and men of these huts and juggins were simply crying, shouting and wailing helplessly. A big crowd had collected. Amidst hue and cry some of the people were throwing water, others were throwing dust, and still others beat the fire with sticks and rods.
 But gradually the fire engulfed the whole of dwellings helped by the swift winds.It was a horrible scene which I can never forget. The poor labourers and workers living there saw their meager belongings burning in the flames. And they were quite helpless. Huge and high columns of smoke and flames were there. People could do nothing except crying and Derailing at their loss.