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Answer :- As you know Chromosome are heredity material on their surface gene are located in linear fashion by the property of linkage. so,you can say an chromosome is a heredity material.It is made of 2 sister chromatid or chromotaid point of intersection of there chromatid is centromere.
Where as chromatid is one section of chromsome formed during telophase if you have studied mitosis or meoisis. it is also called sister chromatid
Chromosome:1. Chromosomes are single physical structure and hereditary traits, which are transmitted through them.2. The structure of chromosome is best studied at the metaphase, which possesses two chromatids held by a single centromere.Chromatid:1. Each chromosome consists of two symmetrical strands called chromatids, formed during S-phase.2. Each chromatid is half of the metaphase chromosome. Anaphase chromosomes have only one chromatid, due to the splitting of centromere, which becomes the chromosome.