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Geyser is a long narrow, vertical cavity formed in earth crust in the earth crust into which underground water seeps. Here the water column is heated by volcanic heat at where the temperature is above 100C due to the pressure exerted by the water column above. due to the deeper positions, this water is very hot than ground water. therefore bubbles arise and the water pushes up. then the eruption will be started. Due to pressure the water rushes out. thus the geyser continues to spray hot water into air.
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T contains 2 pipes one for inlet for cool water and one for outlet of hot  water
the water tank is fitted with heating elements 
tank is covered with insulating material
when you swith on electricity,elements get heated
cold water collected into geyser tank and gets heated upto a certain temparature
there are 2 LED s red and green
when element is heated up,red glows and element stops working green light glows

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