As referred in the nameĀ  "natural resources" can't be created by human beings, it should be used judisciouly, we might run out of fuel in next thousand years if we waste natural resources with the same pace. We should conserve our resources, people are totally dependent on this resources. People living in the jungle use woods as their fuel, even their houses are made up of woods. One day because of deforestation those tribes might dissapear.
Talking about urban areas, electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels fuels, people use diesel & petrol in their vehicles.
Life without natural resources will not be possible....we must conserve each an every penny of natural resouces...wastage of any resource must be controlled...
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We have to use our natural resources judiciously because we can't reproduce it again. our natural resources are gift from our grand father and our grand mother. and we have to safely give it to our grand sons. because it is limited .
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