Write difference between autotrophic and hetrotrophic nutrition?

3. These plants may be parasites and saprophytes. They draw their nourishment form living hosts or from dead and decaying organisms

1. The plants which are nourished themselves with the food prepared by them are called autotrophs.2. These are green plants and contain chloroplasts in their cells.
3. Parasites and saprophytes are not found autotrophs.Heterotrophs:1. The Plants, which are incapable of synthesizing their own food and depend on other plants for their nourishment are called heterotrophs.2. These are fungi and other non-green plants. They do not contain chloroplasts in their cells.
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I like this question.. here is answer:-    Autotrophic Nutrition:- It has been derived from 2 Greek word where  auto means self tropic nutrition. It is a mode if nutrition where food is prepared by the organism it self with help of simple things like co 2 water etc. green plan is best e.g. for this
 Hetrotrophic Nutrition:- It has been derived from 2 Greek word Where Hetero means Diff and tropic -Nutrition. In this mode organism obtain food from other. Human is e.g. of the same. they are also called consumers
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Autotrophic nutrition-
it is a mode of nutrition in which living organisms prepare their own food with the help of raw materials available in the environment. eg: photosynthesis in green plants, thus they are called autotrophs.

heterotrophic nutrition-
in this mode of nutrition living organisms depend on other living organisms for food and are not capable of making their own food.  eg: human beings depend on plants for food,
thus they are called heterotrophs.

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