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here law of inertia is works as a key point. the bowler runs from a long distance before he is throwing a ball towards the batsman. such that he is in high motion. since the ball is in the hands of him, it is also get the same motion and force as much as the bowler. the bowler stops his running at a point suddenly with a great speed. by the newtons first law, here law of inertia will applicable. although the bowler stops, the ball travels by continuing its motion upto some distance high with the inertia. this is because of the ball is still have its momentum and inertia. so the ball is able to go to the batsmen because of these inertia although the bowler stops running.
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A cricket bowler runs from a long distance and attain some velocity. Since ball and bowler act as same system the velocity will be transfered to ball and attains great velocity. Also when rotating his hand circular momentum changes to linear momentum.
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