Using pesticides can increase food production.
Proper methods of growing crop can increase productivity.
Proper irrigation and free from pests.
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My suggestions to increase food production are as follows :-

1. Crop rotation : Changing the type of  crop every year only on the same piece of land is called as crop rotation. This reduces the occurance of pests and damage to the crops from year to year.

2. Biologic study of pests : In this method the pests are observed for a course of time . When this is done it is sometimes possible to sow the crops at a time when least damage will be caused.

3. Biological control : In this method we introduce a natural parasite or predator of the particular pest which is known from the observation . This avoids the use of chemicals which kill the insects and cause pollution too.

4. Sterility : In this method males of the insects are kept sterile . This avoids the further reproduction.

5. Genetic strains  : Introducing a breed of hybrid plants which are resistant to pests and insects , and which would give more yield. This leads in increasing of yield in the same land in less time .

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