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Slum areas usually are resided by illiterate people.These residents due to lack of awareness do not take sanitary measures that causes them to throw unnecessary garbage in water and leaving trash at roadsides,etc.This automatically leads to more pollution.This is why pollution is increasing in Slum areas.

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Slum is a residential place  poeple who are not economically sound to build a house . Here most of the people are  illiterate . There is no awareness in them about the schemes introduced for them , about the process of recycling or reusing and mainly about sanitation facilities. Due to this people dump the waste in the nearby a river or a lake or in an unconstructed land . This obviously causes pollution. As the most of the people are illitrate they don't have jobs . So they will not have a well developed house . They burn  sticks and papers on which they cook food for them . In those papers there would be plastic papers too which burn and release harmful gases which pollute air. Now-a-days are increasing due to lack of jobs .Therefore pollution is increasing  with the number of people and slum areas.

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