In a women's self-defense training camp,the soup is prepared in a cylindrical utensil of radius 10cm.if there are 9 women in camp who take soup in hemispherical bowl of radius 5cm then, how much soup should be made ? what would be the height of cylindrical utensil of soup? what value is depicted here?




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Cylinder : r = 10 cm
let the height required be = h cm
volume of cylindrical utensil = π r² h  cm³  = 100 π h cm³

hemispherical bowl = 5 cm
volume of a hemispherical bowl = 2/3 π r³ = 250/3 π  cm³

amount of soup needed for 9 persons = 750 π cm³

height of cylindrical utensil = h = minimum =  750 π / (100 π) = 7.5 cm

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