NCERT VI Social Sciences

Which of the units − cm/sec, m/sec, km/h – would you use for the speed of the following?

(a) A car running on a road.
(b) An ant going along a straight line.
(c) The speed of ball bowled by a bowler.
(d) The speed of a coin on a carrom board.



Answers of the following ------

A) ⇒ km /hr

B) ⇒cm /sec

C) ⇒km /sec

D)⇒ cm / sec

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A) The speed of a car running on the is measured in km/h .
B) The speed of an ant going along a straight line is  measured in cm/sec.
C) The speed of the ball bowled by a bowler is measured in m/sec.
D) The speed of the coin on a carrom board is measured in cm/sec.

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