The two means of methods of nutrition are autotrophic and heterotrophic .These are further divided into different types as follows Autotrophic nutrition in this type the organisms synthesize  their own food.   
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Pitcher plant-insectivorous(A few plant feed on insects,this are called insectivorous plants)
pea plant-symbiotic(The mutual association in which two different types of organisms live and work together for their mutual benefit from each other is called symbiosis)
mushroom-saprophytic(The mode of nutrition in which the organism obtains its food from dead and decaying organic matter of plants or animals is called saprophytic nutrition
Haustoria-parasitic(The mode of nutrition in which some plants live in or on other living organism and derive their ready-made food from the body of another living organism is called Parasitic nutrition).
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cascuta is parasite or heterotrophic
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