A horse is a very loyal domestic animal. It helps its master move from one place to another, especially where other modes of transport may not be available. Horses are also used to transport goods. Horse-drawn carriages are a mode of transport in many places. Horse racing is a common sport in many cities, where there are racecourses. Horses play a role in traditional Indian weddings. Equestrian sports, involving these creatures, are a feature of the Olympic games. In order to withstand wear and tear, horseshoes or metallic pieces are fixed to the hooves of these animals. Horses take part in circuses. A horse is a herbivorous animal.

Domestic Animal Horse


1.    Horse is one of powerful & most helpful domestic animal.

2.    Due to its powerfulness & speed it’s become symbol of power & speed that called Horsepower (HP).

3.    Horses always remain loyal, close & favourite to theirs Kings .

4.    Due to loyalty Chetek was always remains together with Raja Maharaja Pratap . Till the end he proved his loyalty & dedication for his master.

5.    Horse‘s favourite food is grass & Yellow dal.

6.    Now days it’s costly to take care of a horse.

7.    Now days we can see horse only in streets at the time of weddings otherwise at Golf Course.

8.    Few Metro Cities plays Horse racing & people bat on their Favourite horse.

9.    Metallic horse shoe is considered good Vastu stuff at home.

10. Horses are friendly & shy till we are good to them. If we tease them it can be dangerous