Once upon a time , there was a child named as rahul. Rahul is a good child and always helped others in their homework. Rahul's family was poor and it was very hard for his parents to educate Rahul. His father was a rickshaw puller . He could earn only Rs.300 per week. It was really hard for rahul to study. But rahul liked his family so much. He loved his parents and as well as his small brother. When one day Rahul was going to school - Many of his friends started to tease him by saying that " He was the only student in the class who was poor " . Rahul started to feel sad and was shameful to go outside. From the next day , he decided not to go school. Then his parents started to ask reason for it. Rahul answered that - " Father my all classmate are teasing me and they are saying that I am only the poorest student in the class. " Then his father replied -" My son , I know everyone will tease us because we are poor but one day God will punish those type of people ! You dont worry my son !" But Rahul was not satisfied with his father and was so sad..! At midnight , he ran from his home because of that reason ...- he decided that one day he will also become rich . But unfortunately he died due to accident at late night and his dead body was sent to his home
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Once upon a time there was a family which is very rich. there business is one of the greatest in there country. In there family they have only 4 members Dad,Mom a girl and a boy which is 16 years old. their family live in a very good way and every one is happy to live with each other except the Boy because there dad don't have much time to spend with there family this is the only reason the boy always get upset from there dad and normally he fight with them. once a day boy is getting out of control and he runs from the home and his dad getting very tremble because the boy runs from the house in very anger way so he called the police and said if he find his boy he gives a money to them they all went from there and get in search of the boy after 2 or 3 days the police got a dead body in the highway they find the boy but unfortunately he is dead. he dead in a car accident because of fast driving. his dad getting very upset and feels guilty.he says that in the greed of money he didn't get time for his family and he lost his son. 
a great man and a god of magic HARRY HOUDINI from his home at the age of 12 years.