1.what is tissue fluid?
2.prepare a block a diagram showing water absorption by roots to transpiration of leaf

both answers will be in criculation chapter 1st one would be in lymphatic system explanation and the other would be approximately 2 pages after it .
ya but it is not clear in my book
oh ok


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1. Tissue fluid is a portion of blood which flows out of the blood to supply the nutrients to all the cells of the body.This tissue fluid leaves the blood with nutrients into the body tissues and and join the blood back with the waste of the tissues.
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2.soil particle⇒film of water⇒root hair⇒ dermis EPI ⇒root cortex⇒ endo dermis⇒ xylem of root⇒ xylem of stem⇒ xylem of leaf ⇒ stomata of leaf⇒ transpiration.