Advantages of circuit breakers and fuses are that they protect our electronic devices in electrical circuit against short circuits and overloading of circuits. If they are not used then the short circuit may damage our device or it may catch a fire which can ruin everything.

Fuse is the cheapest type of protection in an electric circuit and it needs zero maintenance. Operation of fuse is simple and no complexity is involved. 

Circuit Breakers: 
Circuit breakers are better than fuse as fuse  which gets operate
once and needs to be replaced but a circuit breaker can be replaced. Circuit breakers are more reliable, more sensitive and responds quicker than fuse.
Circuit-breakers offer the following advantages compared to fuses.Circuit-breakers respond quicker than fuses.Circuit-breakers are more reliable.Circuit-breakers are more sensitive.Unlike fuses which only operate once and need to be replaced a circuit-breaker can be reset