Three people picked 68 apples together. At the first tree they each picked the same number of apples. At the second tree they picked 3 times as many as they picked at the first tree. When they finished at the third tree, the group had 5 times as many apples as they had when they started at that tree. At the fourth tree the group picked just 8 apples. How many apples did each person pick at the first tree?




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Number of apples they  picked at the first tree : 3 * N, as each of the three people picked N number of apples.

2nd tree : number of apples picked = 3 * 3 * N = 9 N

Total number of apples after 2nd tree = 3 N + 9 N = 12 N

After the third tree: the total number of apples = 5 * 12 N = 60 N
After the 4th tree number of apples = 60 N + 8
   Given,  60 N + 8 = 68
  Hence, N = 1.

Each of them picked just 1 apple at the first tree.

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