I had visited my grandparents village last year in gujarat it is a very small village in the morning the men go to the fields for working and the women go to wells  fetch water for watering the plants and for drinking and bathing purposes  the hen in the morning makes a sound and it is due to this that the everybody wake up in the morning it is a very pleasant scenary to see all this and the children go the schools there is also no pollution like the city It is very clean and the rivers flow so smoothly and it is totally fresh
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I am born in a big city and travelled only by cars. I have not grown in touch with the nature. while myy mother have been born and brought up in a village area. to make grow and be in touch with nature she took me to my grandma's house in kerala. I woke up in the morning at 6:00am . a cool, gentle , refreshing air touched my face. it just gave me positive energy. I saw the birds flying in search of food happily. the sun was in a reddish orange colour. the trees around was very green and I was just awestruck by the gods creation of nature. many children  dressed in their school uniforms with bright jasmine flowers in their head were going to school, many young ladies with bright coloured saris with bangles in their hand making a sound as they move and the jingling sound of their anklets moving to their fields. after I observed this I set out my day. the day was peaceful and happy. now I am very eager to go to my grandmas house and I if my mom forgets I remember her to visit my grandmas house.

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