Modern - Being more valued, being logical, being advanced is termed today as being modern. Or in other words you can say being lazy, being depended on machine, being restless. Yes because no e are getting lazy. Let us take the example of our daily life. Hmm I know you all are connected to brainly as you are connected to internet. Just once if the speed is slow you get angry like hat is this.? I anted to surf internet .. Ahh. It is just not done. And these are some of the words you say . Aren't you becoming restless? 
On holidays early in the morning Mom says, " wake up beta ! Go get fresh and leave that phone " "Oh mom just surfing net .. Coming.. " And  you don't get up till next hour. Aren't you becoming lazy? 
You are further depended on your alarm clock for waking up early in morning.. Aren't you becoming depended on machines..?
But this "modern society" is also logical. They know that both son and daughter are equal. There is nothing that a son can do and a daughter can not do. 
They do not believe in unwanted rituals. It is good being modern. So be modern.
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 When it comes to traditional society to modern society, individuality is a characteristic of modern society. An individual in the middle ages was someone who was a representative of his or her group. The individual was the person who was the best example of the family or general group that was being described. (R
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